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Şişhane Leo Club

 Welcome to the home page of Sishane Leo Club located in Istanbul/Turkey...
In this homepage you'll find information about our club, activities, goals and meetings.

To contact please mail us:

What is Leo?
     LEO Club International is a youth organization promoted by the Lions Club International. Its aim is to futher sense of young people for leadership, experience and opportunity in the society of countries all around the world. Therefore they organize social activities for handicapped and sick people, especially young poeple, and cultivate friendship. They try to promote the social and cultural aspects of the young society in a cosmopolitan and tolerant way so that they can learn from each other. At the same time members enjoy making new friends in the community, across the country and around the world. LEO Clubs are non profit organisation formed by mainly youth from 15-28 years of age. In much clubs, it is much the supervision of the advisor from the sponsoring LIONS Clubs International.

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